KY adventures = new horses!

10984048_10153102670596639_4746335684705953185_nMad Meister – an adorably athletic and adventurous black 4 yr old almost had me on the ground during his spinning bucks on a very, very cold winter afternoon.  I was determined to stay ON the saddle and not the ground!!



10978613_10153116206671639_2998782427057305791_nThese other 2 cuties didn’t qualify for the RRP Thoroughbred Makeover in October, but they did ask to come to SCT for a chance at an awesome second career.    Although you may not remember the cute giant on the left, you probably do remember his half brother – Animal Kingdom, who won the Kentucky Derby!10968442_10153118676876639_5831108553641407676_n

Thursby is AK younger brother, the hopes to follow in his big brother’s hoof steps were high, and although he didn’t make the cut, we think he will be an awesome sport horse!

article about the brothers – in pursuit of the crown