Second Chance Thoroughbreds is seeking sponsorship to help with 946023_10151935060646639_1891792389_nfunds to expose and compete the Off the Track Thoroughbreds that come into SCT.  We have a consistently growing business in sales and training.  Danielle Tursky is bringing along superb talent. However, SCT focuses most of its’ attention to bringing along prospects into the sport with the intent to sell them with competition records.  We have a reputation for quality, well trained horses through sales.

We hope to continue this momentum in the next years, however It 1501323_10152427083821639_384782415062848212_otakes thousands of dollars in pure cost and product to achieve the steps necessary to compete at the elite level.  Among other expenses, insurance, veterinary and farrier care, travel, and entry fees can quickly raise expenses and therefore all top competitors rely on their sponsors. Danielle is looking to build new relationships with companies and individuals who want to join her team and go along for the ride to the top of the sport!

Danielle is outgoing and highly professional with a charismatic personality. Some ways that she can help promote your product and services include:

  • Use your product. And be in your ads
  • Wear your product logo while competing
  • Hang your advertising banners at competitions
  • Be a spokes model for your product
  • Display advertising decals the trailer
  • Use social media marketing to broadcast your product on her pages.

Owners/sponsors can also expect to enjoy seeing the world of upper level competition from the inside. This includes course walks as well as invitations to training sessions and competitors’ parties.  Please contact Danielle directly at secondchancethoroughbreds@gmail.com or 731-225-9117 to discuss sponsorship