Special Services

Cross country schooling for approximately 2 hours, grounds fees are paid to the location which will vary in price. Local schoolings have no travel fee $75 each
Horse purchase search (2 trials) $175
Additional trials (local) $50
Mane Pulling: Pulling of long/thick mane $25
Maintenance Pull $15
Braiding  $45
 Clipping Muzzle Only $10
The Works (Muzzle, Bridle path, feathers) $25
Body Clip $175
Trace Clip $125
Bath $25
Cleaning  Sheath/teat $20+sedation
Weekend Grooming $10
Vet Care: Administer oral medication $5 basic
$10 complicated
Cleaning/flushing of wounds (beyond first time) $10
Administer IM medication $15
Foot/Leg Soaking $17
Cold/Warm Hosing (15-20 mins) $15
Hand Walking (15 mins) $15
Hoof Packing $10
Wrapping: 2 legs $5
 Poultice/Sweat wrap $15
 Show Coaching: Coaching at one day horse trials $100/rider
One day local show $75/day/rider
Multiple day shows (including HT)


  • Trainer’s room and traveling expenses are split among owners.
  • Shavings/Feed costs are split between owners at horse show prices.
  • Tack/Grooming stall costs are split between owners.




Horse show horse Lease

out of town


* Costs can be split among those sharing the same horse


lease of school horse for show day


$45 minumum




$40 per day