Pasture board (includes AM feeding of grain)$400
Full board shed row stall$550
Full board main barn with attached run $650
Private turnout  (additional) * if available$75
new barn 14×16 stalls $750
Add ons
Handling for vet/farrier$15
Show clip (face, socks)$25
Body clip$150
Blanket cleaning$50
Longing $20
Magna wave (per min)$2
LEASES* $20 extra to use 1 day as a lesson
3x week$550
2x week$360
1x week$180
* hotel room will be split Among competitors 
Coaching   – 1 day show$100 or $___ per class
                   – event (multi day)$150
Training ride at show$100/day
XC schooling$75
Horse rental (per show)$50

Horse Training


* Prices do not include the cost of board

$40 –  One session per week

$70/wk –  Two sessions per week

$90/wk –  Three Sessions per week

$100/wk-  Four sessions per week (best rate)

$500/month – Young horse training

  • 5-6 training sessions a week for approximately 20+ minutes depending on what is needed for that day.
  • Started under saddle moving forward in the walk, trot and canter. With a foundation of dressage training your young horse will be ready for any discipline. I will also get them out and exposed to varied terrain, water and trails. We encourage owners to come and attend several sessions with their horse so they can be involved in the process. After the first 60 days your young horse can move into a Full Training program for further training.

All Training packages include the following in addition to the training rides:

  • Each lesson will be for 45 minutes and rides will be 20-40 depending on what horse needs at that time.
  • An individual training plan will be discussed to meet owners goals
  • Lunging, bathing, wrapping, and basic vet care are included at no additional charge for training board on an as needed basis
  • Worming on the barn schedule
  • Show preparation, braiding, clipping, mane pulling is not included

Individual training session can be purchased for $40 a ride, with the session lasting upto 45 minutes or as much time is needed for that session.

Boarders in a Training Package may purchase additional training rides for $30 per ride.

Boarders in the Lesson Board program may purchase training rides for $25 per ride.

Danielle is also very capable and enjoys the retraining an off the track thoroughbred (OTTB) or a “problem” horse.  More experienced horses are welcome as well for tune up rides or we can help with a particular issue or assist you in moving up a level.

Before any horse comes in for training we will meet with the owner and horse to make sure we set expectations and appropriate goals for the time frame the horse is with us. Other packages can be customized to meet the needs of almost any situation. For more information on our training program, please contact Danielle directly.



Boarding your horse at our private facility which rests on 24 private acres of gently rolling pastureland, you can expect a safe and comfortable environment for your horse and peace of mind for you. Our barn is professionally run to makes sure that all of our horses are happy and healthy.

  • What makes us different from many barns is our extra effort to keep your horse happy.
  • We offer full board with tiered options from pasture board to stall board with 12×12 stalls, 12×12 stalls with runs and 14×16 stalls, and daily turnout.  Horses have fresh water at all times, fed twice daily and are properly cared for by the highest standards.
  • We feed soaked alfalfa cubes to all horses who can, a grain balancer and NutRena pro force grain.
    We balance the diet for each individual horse

Our services include:

  • Turn out and turn in
  • Mineral blocks in fields
  • Use of all facilities
  • Fly mask/blanket changes for full board
  • Ceiling fans with light fixtures in each stall

Full Board: $550/month shed row stalls $650 main barn stalls / $750 mare barn (14×16 stalls )

Pasture board: $400/month

*** prices may change based on economic fluctuations

Consignment Board

Horses may come to the farm on consignment where a variety of services are offered depending upon your individual specific needs.  On average we have sold consignment horses in under 2-3 months. Our service does all the leg-work that is required to complete a sale.

The farm assists buyers in finding the appropriate horse or assists sellers in marketing their horse by making contact with numerous professionals in the sport. 10% commission is due on purchased horses that are brokered by Second Chance Thoroughbreds.

Consignment board is $1000 that entails stabling, feed, handling, grooming, training rides, electronic and hardcopy marketing/advertising, video and photography.  Consignment horses will be ridden and trained 5-6 days per week. Owner pays for competitions and schooling fees. Commission fee of 10% is due upon final sale.

Boarding Requirements

1. Each horse before entering the property must show VALID proof that the horse has had a Flu/Rhino/EWT shot within one year, and a Strangles Vaccination within 6 months of arrival.  If you cannot show proof of these vaccinations, they will be administered upon arrival and will be billed to the owner on the following vet bill.
2. A current Coggins and Health cert are required as well.



Danielle works with riders of all ages and levels to safely develop a balanced and independent seat while maintaining a clear communication and harmony with the horse.

Emphasizing the fundamentals of good horsemanship, she helps students create a working relationship with the horse built on trust, understanding, and compassion.

“Developing positive communication and respect between horse and rider creates an atmosphere of success for both of you”


Beginner – You will learn and experience everything about horses!  As a beginner, you will first learn barn orientation.  Knowing how a barn runs is beneficial to a rider, as you will gain competency and confidence in horsemanship, allowing you to be a more independent horse person.  Each rider will learn general safety, including safe groundwork and horse handling.  Riders will learn to groom and tack their mount, becoming more familiar with the horse and its tack.  As a rider, you will learn basic riding position (seat, hands and legs, and what they do!).  Riders will learn the horse’s gaits and gain confidence to safely steer their horse through the gaits independently.  For advanced beginners, trail rides and jumping will be introduced to those who wish to learn.

Intermediate – Riders will be able to care independently for their horse and to understand the reasons for what they are doing.  There is a development to a secure and independent seat.  Jumping courses, more intricate dressage and cross country jumping are introduced at this level. 

Advanced – Rider is competent and experienced riding different mounts with confidence and control.  At this level, rider is able to work with trainer in progressing their horse’s training and is able to explain the reasoning for their methods.  Rider is able to “feel” the horse and adjust properly. 

LESSONS (own horse)

$40  Group Lessons

$50  Private Lessons

LESSONS (school horse)

$50  Group Lessons

$60 private lessons

* Lesson packages are available.  Please call to discuss.

* * CANCELLATION POLICY:  Lessons canceled 24 or more hours before the lesson will not be charged.  If lesson is canceled within the 24 hours or a no show, you will be charged.  Weather permitting.

Second Chance Thoroughbreds is located on 25 acres of secluded, peaceful farm land.  View from the pasture

 Back 2 stalls with private turnout.

Full apartment above barn for working student, barn manager, rental.Beautiful sunset every night!10 miles of trail access150 x 300 sand arena

7 European style stalls with swing-open corner feeder and spring loaded door latches.